As an artist, your only tool is a brush. As a Cardist your only tool is a deck of cards. Scandinavian producer Dealersgrip commits to this philosophy with the Brush playing cards. The minimalistic designs, complementary colors, and distinct borders all come together to visually accentuate the work of a card artist.

by Dealersgrip



Simple styling is a theme carried throughout the Daydreamers, with modified court cards that adopt a pared-back appearance with vibrant colours that make them instantly recognisable, even from distance. Adopting a minimalist aesthetic, the back design features an image of a gloomy, cloudy sky shortly after rainfall - a moment frozen in time. 


Dealersgrip was established in 2014 by Tobias Levin and Oliver Sogard. The danish Cardistry prodigies initially focused on developing their craft and created some of the most iconic Paket Cuts of all time in those early days. A few months after the release of their first deck, the Stripe playing cards, Tobias Levin leaves Dealersgrip to launch his own card brand Anyone Worldwide with long time friend Nikolaj Peterson. The Brush playing cards are Oliver Sogard's first solo card production venture.


Simple styling is a theme carried throughout the Brush playing cards. The deck's unique back design features a mirrored array of elegant brush strokes in a complementary colour scheme. The design's circular arrangement enhances Cardistry and Cardmagic moves in the blink of an eye. The face cards feature standard indexes and courts but have been modified to match the back design's complementary colorway.  



Cloud 9


Oliver Sogard is known to put a particular emphasis on a well though out conceptualisation of his card productions. The Brush playing cards are no exception to this rule as the prominently featured brush strokes are to be understood as an analog for the artistic medium and an artist's creative process. Just like the artist uses a brush to paint pictures on canvas, the Cardist uses playing cards to create mesmerising patterns in thin air.

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